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Why I'm a Moderate

When it comes to politics, each side of the American major two-party system holds certain beliefs about everything. Including, but not very explicitly, human beings.

Conservatives (Republicans, Libertarians, etc.) seem convinced of the power of the individual. In this worldview, people have unlimited possibilities if they/we just try hard, sacrifice, invest, produce, invent and risk. The human person is strongest as the independent "I" who may contribute to the general welfare, but only because of personal choice and acting out of personal moral or spiritual values. The conservative man or woman buckles down, works hard, and enjoys the fruits of their labor, contributing to the general welfare in limited (roads, bridges, national defense) ways. Success? Well, you deserve it because of hard work, luck, or some other feature of your life. At'a boy! Think Warren Buffet, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Liberals (Democrats, Green Party, etc.) are focused on th…

Spiritual Reflections: Warm weather could be sign of a larger problem

My newspaper column from Saturday. All the mild weather has had me thinking...and worried.

Spiritual Reflections: Warm weather could be sign of a larger problem: After the winter we had last year, snow as high as our shoulders at the end of the driveway, cold that froze lakes hard and early, this winter’s non-start is a strange reversal. A dry Thanks...